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Captured Words Free Thoughts

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

This annual magazine is devoted to sharing the voices of those locked behind bars. Please share our message, and our contact information with your people who are locked up.

Volume 17 (Dec 2020) available below.

Download PDF • 13.07MB

Volumes 1-14 (2006-2017) of Captured Words Free Thoughts available HERE.

Volume 15 (2018) available HERE

Volume 16 (2020) available HERE.

If you or someone you know is incarcerated now or has been in the past, we encourage you to submit your work to Captured Words Free Thoughts at, or:

Captured Words Free Thoughts

CU-Denver Communication Department

1201 Larimer Street, Suite 3014

Denver, CO 80204

If you would like to participate in the podcast by reading your loved one's poetry, or by making a recording of them reading it, let us know when you send in your submission. There are plenty of free aps that can record your phone calls, but make sure you don't get your loved ones in trouble. Check your facility's rules.

This edition is dedicated to the prisoners across the country fighting to survive a COVID-19 outbreak while the rest of us fight boredom, and to Judith Tannenbaum, who spent her life helping incarcerated people recognize their gifts and polish their prose. Your work will long outlive you.

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