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How did we get here?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Welcome to the Dr. Junkie Show!

I am excited to get this project started, and to share some of my experience (and opinions) about drugs. Expect to learn a lot, to laugh a little, and to cry occasionally.

Let's be real--we can never stop people from using drugs, and its not like we haven't tried. The United States has spent a hundred years poisoning crops, arresting traffickers, imprisoning small-time suppliers, and destroying the lives of users and addicts. Our reward is that upwards of 70,000 people die every year from overdoses in the US alone. These deaths of despair are mostly preventable, as are the diseases we users sometimes suffer.

In fact, none of this bullshit needs to continue. The street dealers, the homeless drug users, the packed prisons, the overburdened legal system, the accidental explosions, and the public use of drugs all virtually disappear when drugs are decriminalized and regulated. Think about it--users wouldn't even consider buying the polluted, $100 dope sold to us in baggies and dirty lotto tickets if we could get pure dope for $10 at the local drug clinic. The drug dealers would be out of a job, overnight, and we would funnel drug users to doctors and therapists who can offer them various forms of support, including clean drugs and paraphernalia.

This podcast is dedicated to those who have already lost their freedom, or even their lives to the war on drugs. We can do better.

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