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When I decided to stop using heroin a decade ago, Medication and Meditation were both vital to my success. Methadone (medication) squashed the detox symptoms and put me back on level ground. Meditation allowed me to notice what was going on inside my body—to get ahold of it before I wound up back at the dope spot. Both (along with a loving support network) were irreplaceable.

If you have struggled with meditation in the past, don't give up. You may have had a bad teacher. It isn't boring or time consuming if you do it right—it can take just a few minutes, and it usually gives you back more than it takes in the time saved by organizing your thoughts. And for those of us who struggle with depression, anxiety, substance abuse issues, or a host of other related conditions, it often gives us something we can't find anywhere else: peace.

Meditation is the oldest and most effective drug on the planet, and it isn't even a drug. Check out the episode for more on how to meditate, and which type of meditation you should use.

Meditation is already used quite successfully in many substance abuse treatment programs, and the science backs them up. Check out that evidence here.

Meditation is one of the safest and most effective tools you can add to your daily diet. The links below will take you to scholarly articles focused on specific proven benefits.


Increases Immune Function

Decreases Pain

Decreases Cellular Inflammation

Increases Positive Emotions

Decreases Depression

Decreases Anxiety

Decreases Stress

Increases Social Connection

Increases Emotional Intelligence (especially for men)

Increases Compassion

Decreases Feelings of Loneliness

Improves your Ability to Regulate your Emotions

Increases Focus & Attention

Decreases Blood Pressure

Decreases Biological Age

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