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Suing Walmart Pharmacy

79,000 people died from a drug overdose in the US between 5/2019 & 5/2020.

We can end the opioid overdose crisis tomorrow by passing legislation to decriminalize and regulate all drugs. Drug prices would go through the floor, forcing street dealers out of business. The users would start going to doctors instead of dealers for their drugs. Overdose would all but disappear, and diseases related to drug use would go through the floor. But the police departments would also shrink, and so would their revenue. That's the reason we are still waging this war a century into it with zero progress made and $100 billion in tax dollars vaporized every year.

Check out Season 2, Episode 1 for more about the government's lawsuit against Walmart pharmacies. Sources and additional info below.

Federal Prosecutors were trying to charge Walmart Pharmacies in criminal court way back in 2018, but according to ProPublica, Trump's justice department didn't support that move.

For a timeline of events related to the case against Walmart Pharmacies, as described by the US Department of Justice, see the DOJ's letter of declination to prosecute Walmart.

You can also check out Walmart's response to the lawsuit.

Georgia Representative Sharon Cooper gave a great speech describing her new legislation to prevent Walmart from withholding prescriptions (sampled in S2, E1).

Walmart has devoted a section of their website to addressing the opioid crisis.

Not everyone who uses Walmart Pharmacies agrees with me. For a personal interview with a patient who blames her doctor and Walmart for her addiction to opioid pain medication, check out NPR's 7 minute podcast.

Some feel that Walmart has already gone too far and violated patient confidentially in cooperating with the Justice Department, as described by Eric Felten.

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