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In 2004, after years of shooting dope and spending short stints in jail, I wound up in the largest walled prison on Earth, a dungeon in Jackson, Michigan. Thirteen months later I violated my parole and headed back for a DUI. But once I got some traction, I started the project that would eventually become the podcast, and the book. 

The Book


University of Denver



Back in the day

University of Missouri-KC


My PhD is in Communication with an emphasis on crime, poverty and the war on drugs. You can read the final product, Discourses of Deception: (Re)Examining America's War on Drugs

My Master's Degree is in Communication with an emphasis on cinematic representations of crime and punishment. You can read the final product, The Spectacle of Punishment: Cinematic Representations of the Prison-Industrial Complex.

Once upon a time, I majored in Liberal Arts at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. 

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