Ben Boyce is an addicted person who spent years of his life locked up for petty theft, fraud, and other crimes related to his drug use. After his release from a Michigan prison in 2005, he enrolled in college and eventually earned his PhD (hence the moniker Dr. Junkie). He currently teaches undergraduate communication classes at the University of Colorado, some of them inside Colorado prisons, and at the University of Denver.

The goal of this podcast? We currently live in a culture designed to make drugs expensive and dangerous. Our system is set up to torture users and addicted people who are caught using drugs or committing crimes of desperation to get their next fix. As one of the few incarcerated and addicted people lucky enough to avoid the traps of recidivism and overdose death, I decided to create this podcast as a way to give a shout out to all of the people still suffering under the thumb of oppressive drug policies and revenge-oriented correctional programs. There is hope. We can do better. The conversation about a better drug policy in the United States is long overdue. It begins here.