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Captured Words/Free Thoughts: 20th Anniversary Edition

This annual magazine is devoted to sharing the voices of those locked behind bars and contesting the public imagination about prison and those inside. Feel free to share our message and our contact information with your people who are locked up. If you or someone you know wants a free copy of the latest edition, email me and I'll get it done.

Volumes 1-20 (2006-2024) of Captured Words Free Thoughts available HERE. 

If you or someone you know would like a free paper copy of the latest volume, please email me at the link below (, or snail mail us at the submission address.

Submissions welcomed. Send to:

Captured Words Free Thoughts

1201 Larimer Street, Suite 3014

Denver, CO 80204.

The audio version of this volume will be available wherever you stream podcast as episode 140 of The Dr. Junkie Show.

If you would like to participate in the podcast by reading your loved one's poetry, or by making a recording of them reading it, let us know when you send in your submission. There are plenty of free aps that can record your phone calls, but make sure you don't get your loved ones in trouble. Check your facility's rules. Back issues pictured below available at the link above.


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